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Sale venues refer to: First, where do consumers go to buy their products; and second, how much do they want them. In this brief section we will discuss the right places and moments to sell your products. The marketing expert of your company must focus on these two points to carry out the research.

Where: The research should answer this question. Where do people, who are the target group, go to get a given product? Locating products outside the circuit to which these people go will be a waste of time and money. A correct market research will provide results, which will help you clearly identify where these people go and how they do it. With this information you will be able to plan a product distribution that takes those places into account.

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However, you may use this information to get out of the circuit. As we have already mentioned, getting out of the circuit of your target group is a bad choice, PROVIDED that it is not a strategy. Sometimes marketing experts suggest getting out of the usual circuit to gain new clients in other circuits or to create a new circuit. If you decide to do this, you should do it carefully and with the constant supervision of the marketing expert and professionals working with you.

When: There are certain products that are sold in a specific time of the year. A clear example is Christmas products. The research carried out by the expert will provide statistic results that will show you what time you can sell in greater amount your products or some of them. This information is highly important since it gives you the guideline to know when to produce or not. In some cases, this information is so enlightening that the company decides to increase its supply and manufacture new products, since it will only make profits three months a year.

The research regarding where and when to sell is highly important to achieve a great production and an effective sale. Hiring a marketing expert can be the best investment for a company, if it can show good results. This does not mean that you cannot analyze many of the issues related to the discussed points by yourself. Nonetheless, the analysis you may make will not be a full time one nor will you have the analysis tools that an expert has. We recommend that you hire someone you can trust and delegate the task of evaluating the market.

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Marketing sales venues

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