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Doing marketing is something common. Marketing lies in commercializing a product or service, making it known, modifying its price, etc. There are several ways to do it: in general terms, good and bad ways. That is to say that when we commercialize a product we are doing marketing, though we may be doing it the wrong way. Therefore, there are experts in this area, since it is not something as easy as it seems. As we will explain later on in the following sections, marketing supports five fundamental pillars: product, advertising, promotion, price and sale venues.

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promotional agencyProduct: When starting a marketing campaign, we should begin with the product itself, from two simultaneous perspectives. You should not think about the product itself, in its features, in its capacity, leaving aside its purpose. The market ?the consumers? are any product’s target and it is highly important to incorporate to the product’s intrinsic analysis the exhaustive analysis of the target market -the target group. This is a group of consumers that share certain features and these make them targets of a certain type of products or services.

promotions agencyAdvertising: Once you have completed the product’s analysis from the two different perspectives, you have to move on to the advertising process. In this marketing stage, the product leaves the company to reach the consumers in the shape of information. This is when the product or service becomes known. It begins the relationship between the consumer and the product. It is the moment when consumers decide whether they need the product or service or not.

Web marketingPromotion: It goes along with advertising. Sometimes products and ads do not have a great effect on consumers. The product’s promotion prevents this from happening: the company offers extra advantages if you acquire a given item or if you hire a certain service. Promoting something means adding things to make the product more attractive. Therefore you encourage people to buy a product that up to that moment has not been very interesting. This sales increase can be either promising or sustained: the former refers to the fact that consumers only buy the product due to the extra advantages the product offers. The latter refers to the fact that when consumers acquire a product due to the extra advantages, they realize the product itself is valuable and they keep on buying it though it may not provide advantages later on.

website promotionsPrice: Marketing takes care of this variable in a particular way. Therefore, it does not mean adding the direct and indirect costs of a product and adding the difference we want to get from it. On the other hand, you have to go along with the market ?that is the only way to do it. A good marketing campaign will never try to beat the price the market states, unless it has the certainty that it can do it because it has an extraordinary product or an amazing ad campaign. However, there is one thing a company cannot beat by itself and that goes beyond the market –the economic system that surrounds us has a logic pricing that cannot be brought down.

Web site marketingSale venues: The last point taken into account by marketing is also very important. The sale venues’ choice of a product or service can be, in certain cases, the most important aspect of the sale. In order to unravel this issue it is important that the businessman and his market research and marketing experts think: where do people go to get what I offer? Is there any given time when people have a greater interest in a certain offer? The answers to these questions are essential to the proper selection of the right sale venues.

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