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This site is aimed at those who are interested in knowing more about marketing, and at dispelling all doubts and common mistakes regarding this sales tool. The information contained in here will be useful, in different ways, not only for amateurs but also for experts in the subject. Our goal is to offer you a practical, concise, simple and clear guide to better understand marketing basic notions so that you can apply them on your own or to better understand the proposals made by the expert you hire to increase to the most your sales strategies. Obviously, you will not be able to replace the marketing expert’s job with this guide, since he has experience, knowledge, and a work and evaluation method that you will not acquire on this site. However, by being aware of the basic functions of this tool, you will think differently about the way your company relates to consumers and you will be able to evaluate whether you need to hire an expert to do the proper work to improve your sales and your corporate image.

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This site is divided into different sections that will deal with certain topics, which will become more specific as you read on. If you are an amateur at this, we will recommend to your better understanding that you read the sections in order, since they will lead you from a general concept to the most specific and advanced concepts. We will begin with a section called Marketing and its concepts in which a definition of marketing will be given and its general features will be discussed. In Doing Marketing we will explain this tool, how it is used and what its specific applications are. Next, we will snap off the previous section and we will discuss one by one its constituent parts ?the main aspects of this wonderful corporate tool. In The Product we will see the procedure of each company’s production from the marketing point of view. Advertising will deal with the way marketing uses advertising to promote itself as a sales tool. In The Price we will discuss the monetary value considered regarding the goal you want to achieve. Finally, we will analyze the different possible locations of the products or services your company offers in the section called Sales venues.

Welcome to this site dedicated to marketing, and thank you for your visit. We wish our help to be as profitable as possible. We invite you to surf this site aimed at helping you to improve your company’s growth.

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